Thursday, December 1, 2011


Choosing the bridesmaid dresses for your wedding can be one of the most stressful decisions you make during the planning process. Not only do you have to find a dress that pleases everyone's tastes, but it also has to fit in their budgets. You also have to decide whether you want them to match, or choose their own, which can be even more stressful (at least to me!). Then you decide short or long, same shoes or not, and how to accessorize. Decisions, decisions!

Want to know my personal opinion on the dresses? Probably not, but oh well! I think if you're going to do mismatched, you need to trust these ladies 100% on their style choices, give them a specific color palette, and go for short. Asking them to find their own long dresses can be much more difficult. If you want to have them all match, I typically like long dresses like this one from JCrew. If you choose matching short dresses, I definitely recommend matching shoes as well. I actually worked a wedding where the bridemaids' gifts were matching hot pink Louboutins. I loved this idea, minus dropping $800+ on the shoes. A simple pair of Steve Maddens would be just as great, and it's one less decision for your girls to have to make! My fave place to find these frocks? JCrew, Thread, Dessy, Jenny Yoo, and of course, Amsale.


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