Friday, June 8, 2012

Blog Crush

My BFF (and new blogger!), Meaghan, introduced me to Fifi Cheek yesterday and I've since spent way too much time reading her posts. I love when bloggers open up their lives to readers. I very seldom do that, because that's not what my blog is intended for, but I follow tons of blogs that do and they've ended up being my favorite kind. Fifi Cheek not only documents Lindsey's life with her adorable family, but she has an eye for fashion and design that perfectly matches my tastes. And she was a wedding planner for the past ten years--in Wilmington, NC no less! Rockstar Diaries is another fave--Naomi lives right here in DC so it's fun to recognize all the places she visits through her pictures. It doesn't hurt that her little Eleanor is the cutest kid I ever did see. Seriously. And this blogger sports rockin' clothes that I would never be brave enough to don, but props to her for being the most stylish gal in DC, even with 2 little kiddos.

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