Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Must Haves

Have you missed me?! I've put together my fall staples for y'all to enjoy. These are all pretty things that I'm sure my roommates are so incredibly sick of seeing me in, but hey! I love them and I'm a broke twenty something who can't afford a new jacket for every day of the week. What are your fall must haves?! Send me shopping!

This J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket was the perfect find this fall. I am still building up a cold weather wardrobe (yes, 2.5 years later and this is my first fall coat) and the military look is both chic and functional. I'd had my eye on it for a while and when I popped into the store a few weeks ago and heard everything was 25% off, I knew it was my lucky day! Happy birthday to me! 

Sorry to push J.Crew again but I can't resist. I first bought the heeled J.Crew Booker Boots (not available anywhere this season) last fall and just had to get the flat ones too! I love love love these and will probably cry the day they are so worn out that I can't strut around in these babies. Sad day. Let's not think about it. 

For two years, the only flats I owned that I ever wore were my Tory Burch flats. I wore each of my pairs so much, that the sole is almost completely worn out. I knew I couldn't afford to replace them so I ventured to Loehmann's and guess what? I got three pairs of Steve Madden flats (glitter, black leather, and bright blue suede!) for half the price of one pair of Tory Burch. Another plus? They are so comfy and totally wearable for an entire wedding! Shoes that are comfortable for 12 hours on your feet are not easy to come by. 

Lululemon's Wonder Unders are the greatest invention (if you can call it that) known to man. I don't actually own my own pair, but I steal them from my sister twice a week and I'm dreading the day she gets fed up and  makes me drop $82 on my own pair. But seriously, you guys, these are so thick and not at all see through (worth the cost right there) and absolutely perfect for a cold evening run or paired with boots and a sweater! 

Last Sunday night we had a full potluck and my adorable friend, Emily, walked in wearing the prettiest mint green sweater! It was long (major plus) and looked super comfy. I went and snatched myself one this week and I'm about 99% sure I'll be back at H&M for a white and pink one, as well. H&M is located 2 blocks from my office and will be the death of me--and my paycheck. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

I'm sure you all are SO over hearing about the sock bun, but too bad! I wear this hairstyle probably more than I wear my hair down these days. I've always been the type to wear my hair down and twenty minutes later put it up so, of course I love this do. It's super easy, too!. Win win. 

Essie Fiji. Enough said. 

I'll try to write more often, it's just a matter of finding time. Between a busy wedding season and an even busier 9-5, it can be tough! I think next time I'll post pretty fall items I can never afford to own. "Window" shopping is not nearly as fun as the real thing, but I'll have to deal. Oh, and on one last note, take a look at this. Please, try and tell  me that's not the most gorgeous wedding you've ever seen. That is all. 

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