Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Giving Guide

I've put together some gift ideas for you slackers (like me!) who haven't gotten around to Christmas shopping yet.

For Mom:

This gorgeous tray would be the perfect gift for mommy-dearest.  It is so modern & chic, while also being totally multifunctional. 

For Dad:

Typically, I get my dad a t-shirt, a book, or some sort of food product (and it looks like that's what I'll be getting for him again-- sorry, Dad!), but last year Lisa and I got him this. I can honestly say it was my Dad's favorite gift that year. It is an iPad case that also stands the iPad up to any height, perfect for using on the go! It can only be found online, so if interested, check out their site

For your sis:

I wear my Michael Kors tortoise shell watch everyday, and a wrist full of stacked bangles nearly every time I go out, so this bracelet is totally something I would buy for myself. And anything I would buy for myself I end up getting my sister so I can borrow it, of course!

For the bestie:

I love this sassy envelope clutch from JCrew. It's a perfect statement piece for any winter outfit and I'm pretty sure my bestie would love it.

For your man (just kidding, I hate when people say that):

No matter how hot a guy is, throw these bad boys on him and he'll be even more irresistible. Somehow, Ray Ban Wayfarers manage to be timeless and trendy at the same time, and fit almost everyone (other than myself-- I look ridiculous in them). 

I hope I was able to give you some inspiration for your Christmas shopping! Happy Holidays, my lovely readers! 

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