Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinterest Finds

I'm pretty sure we're all obsessed with Pinterest, so no need for me to go on about that, but I'd like to share some of my favorite event design pins! I pin a lot directly from blogs I read, but I've found some swoon worthy images swirling around Pinterest, as well. I think it's absolutely hilarious that it is now socially acceptable for girls to be planning their weddings on this site, even if a wedding is years away. But, I have to say, as an aspiring event designer, I love it. I'm pretty sure if any of their boyfriends saw their boards, they'd have a mini heart attack (mine included). Luckily, my wedding board is for "work" so I can get away with it ;).

You don't need perfect weather to have a rustic beauty.

Ombre silverware!? I cannot wait to do this! (And it peels right off -- how awesome?!)

That. Dress.

Pink, gold, and chevron. DREAM.

I love this funky bouquet.

Yup. This is exactly how I've always envisioned my big day :)

Jose Villa's wedding cake. Swoon.

I love the element of surprise here.

Comfy lounge seating for the casual affair.

All photos via Pinterest. Original credits can be found on my event design board.

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